“Delivering the comfort of reliable health screening.”

Based on 25 years of research, the BioProbe technology includes a patent-pending light-based probe that collects fluorescence data emitted from cervical tissues.  The light signals reflected and emitted by human tissues reveal disease-related biochemical changes that can accurately identify precancerous and cancerous tissues. 

The technology may be expanded to include diagnostic screening for esophageal, colon, oral and other cancers.

The light-based technology promises instantaneous results, with higher accuracy than current methods.


Other technology benefits include:

A more thorough screening that includes the cervical canal

Ability to identify precancerous tissues that could be missed by current methods

Ability to identify the location of the cancerous tissues with reexamination

No pathology lab required for initial screening

Reduced false positive results

Reduced patient anxiety

Award Winning Medical Technology


UNYTECH SmartStart Venture Forum

Voted Most Promising Technology, May 2011

Rochester Regional Business Plan Contest

2nd Place Winner, April 2011

Grant Awards

Phase I New Technology Fusion Award (2008)

Phase II New Technology Fusion Award (2009)

Mae Stone Goode Award (2009)

NSF SBIR Phase I grant proposal in review stage

University of Buffalo Center for Advanced Biomedical and Bioengineering Technology Award (2012)

FluoroLogic’s BioProbe is a minimally invasive light-based screening technology for cervical cancer. Preliminary research shows detection rates of 90% or higher.